Let’s build the Lesotho we want – Let’s go and vote

Lesotho is ready to consolidate electoral democracy, are you?  Cast your vote and be part of 85% voter turnout on the 3rd June 2017 in order to build the Lesotho you want.

We can change our country if we will. Remember that the change we desire can be accomplished through good governance.  One of the pillars of good governance is participation and this means we need to take part and be involved in the development process.  Men and women of this country need to participate so that the government can make informed choices.  But how will that be possible if we do not take part in elections?  One of the pillars of governance is accountability.  Government has to be accountable for it to be deemed good, however, to whom will it be accountable if we do not vote?

It is time dear nation, that we bring the change we want.  Let us all go and vote for the government and the kind of governance we want in this our mother-land.

Remember this is what you are voting for:

  1. Someone who is going to draw policies and laws in parliament
  2. Someone who is going to allocate public money
  3. Someone to monitor how public money is used
  4. Someone to monitor and follow up on the implementation of policies and laws of Lesotho
  5. Someone to hold Ministers accountable and monitor their work


Therefore brethren, let us be part of governance in our country and be informed about what we are voting for.  Above all, let us all pray for peaceful, free and fair elections.


“Come let us rebuild so that we will no longer be a disgrace” Nehemiah 2:17

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  1. Chabie
    Chabie says:

    I said this in 2017 when the beautiful Mountain Kingdom was heading to the National Elections and I want to maintain the same tone; Basotho baheso; the responsibility of making a good fruitful choice for this country lies with each and everyone of us. Let us all go on the 7th October 2022 and vote for the government that will respect rule of Law as one and the main pillar of good governance. Let’s go and vote for effective and efficient government, the government that will deliver services for every Mosotho regardless of age, gender, physical looks, religion, complexion or economic status. Vote for a responsive government, the one that will change the socio-economic status of our motherland, the government that will embrace the principle serving not to be served, that government that will decentralise services to reach all citizens HO TLOHA TELE HO EA TSOA MECHACHANE.

    To our youth; you are at the age whereby HUMAN RIGHTS matters most. This means that you are more cognisant that having rights means being RESPONSIBLE, and one of the responsibilities is to go CAST YOUR VOTE.This implies nothing but choosing the government that you will hold accountable. Let everyone of you feel responsible enough to vote for the Lesotho that s/he aspires, the one that will move us all to the best Lesotho that we all want. The Lesotho that has peace and stability. The Lesotho that is politically colourless. U se ke oa re ho moroa moroa tooe! The time is now or never dear nation. Let us make these upcoming National Elections a huge success by massively voting as this will increase the voter turn out which will impact on the stable government, and that will be a HEALING to Lesotho.


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